Ask Terry Questions 6 month Treasury Bill or not?

6 month Treasury Bill or not?

By Terry Savage on July 10, 2018 | Chicken Money

Sold our house have $300,000 to invest. We are 60 & 61 years old, not retired yet. Is the Treasury Bill the way to go? Thanks for your time

Terry Says

You will likely never have a windfall like this until you retire — and roll over your 40l(k) plans. Till then treat this money carefully. I think a 6 month Treasury bill would be the perfect place to put the money until you make some big-picture decisions about where you will live in retirement and whether you will buy or rent. Take your time. And try not to retire for as long as possible, and don’t take SS til you reach full retirement age.
If you’re not ready to make any decisions in 6 months, you can specify that the T-bills automatically roll over at the then-current rate when they mature in 6 months. This is truly chicken money!



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