Ask Terry Questions Additional IRS payment

Additional IRS payment

By Terry Savage on June 19, 2020 | Wild Card

In April, I received a $2500 stimulus payment for married couple and a child. My deaf wife is on SSDI and she received regular payment for that. Couple of weeks ago, deposited under her account was $1200 from the IRS. She just received the letter stating that it was for Stimulus payment. Is this an oversight on the IRS? If so, what should we do from here? Thanks for all you do with WGN.

Terry Says

There is no way to return a direct deposit. If you file taxes, I would note that overpayment to you on next year’s tax return, because they are so messed up right now it would be impossible to undo this! So save the money because for sure when you declare the overpayment they will want it returned!
I wish everyone got MORE, not less, than they deserved!!



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