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Ameriprise Financial

By Terry Savage on September 29, 2018 | Investments

I am being encouraged to invest with Ameriprise. Do you have any pluses or minuses regarding that frim?

Terry Says

Ameriprise is a brokerage firm, and their “advisors” give both financial advice and act as agents for you to purchase securities. I don’t recommend specific firms, because the advice you get depends on the individual.
BUT, I do suggest that you ask the individual with whom you are working if he/she is a FIDUCIARY, and will sign the fiduciary pledge to put your interests ahead of their own, and fully disclose all fees, commissions, and rewards they get for selling products to you.

If they won’t do that, I suggest getting a financial advisor who IS a Fiduciary– (search at Or just make your own decisions and go to a discount brokerage firm like eTrade and know you are paying the least cost for your purchases.

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