By Terry Savage on May 05, 2016 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Through circumstances beyond my control, I have limited funds at the age of 75. And find myself still working as a realtor. I collect SS and have one annuity ($50,000+)that once I begin collecting will yield about $400 month. Beyond that I have about 25,000 in cash and 100,000 between an IRA and Roth IRA . The good news is that I am debt free and have moved to a facility that will eventually subsidize my rent. I am also healthy. My question is –should I move more of my funds to an annuity or keep them fairly conservatively invested ? Would love your opinion

Terry Says:  Well, I know you’re feeling insecure about finances, but I think you’ve done a terrific job!  Believe me, you are way ahead of many people at your stage of life.  I would leave the money safely tucked away in your bank and IRA and not move to an annuity.

But I can’t help asking if you’ve made a will, or better a Revocable Living Trust, as well as created a healthcare power of attorney and a living will (pull the plug document) and given a copy of those to your physician.  I realize this begs the REAL question:  Whom do you trust, should be someone younger than you, to make both health and financial decisions if you cannot.  I think that is the single greatest problem of women at this stage of life, who either do not have a trusted partner or children to act on their behalf.  Better to think about it now than when you’re in a crisis moment.

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