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I have 2 annuities from my company. should i take out the full amount and put it somewhere on my own. 1 is for $191,884.00 and the 2nd one is for $30,077. if i leave it with my company , they will pay me a life time amount until i pass. and 50 % to my wife until her death. is it advantage for me to roll it over with someone else and hope the market makes some money . To stay ahead of the withdrawls each month. The first one had me at withdrawl of $1092.00 and 50 % wife $546.00. and the 2nd one $178.00 a month and 50% wife $89.00. what do you think? thank you,!

Terry Says

Well, the first thing to check is whether these are “fair” monthly amounts.  To do that, go to, and enter the amount you have to invest, your age, gender, and the fact that you want it to also cover your spouse, so her age as well.

You’ll see the amount you could get if you ROLLED that existing annuity into a new immediate annuity.  To be far these comparisons should start with an immediate payment since that is what you are comparing from your company. If there is a future start date for the amount you gave, then do the comparison by delaying the start date at this website.

It’s difficult to give you more advice since I have no idea of your ages and your other assets, and how much you have invested in other retirement plans exposed to the stock market.  If you are approaching retirement this is a good time to at least h ave one meeting with a fee-only fiduciary advisor — someone who is not trying to sell you something!  This person can look at your entire situation and advise. Find one here:  Pam Krueger Wealthramp – Terry Savage

Just remember that if you take a fixed check, inflation will eat away at it. If we have only 3% annual inflation, the spending power of that check will be cut in half in 25 years!



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