Ask Terry Questions Annuity — advisor says sell

Annuity — advisor says sell

By Terry Savage on August 06, 2023 | Investments

Hello Terry,
I have an annuity started 8/2016 for $73,971. Guardian 200% guaranteed lifetime withdrawal.
next 7% guaranteed is 8/16/2023.
Today it is $103,915.
My new financial advisor thinks i can do better by cashing out and investing on my own. Any thoughts on this?

Terry Says

Aha! And I suppose the new advisor will take commissions on all the new products he/she wants to sell you!
Tell the advisor that this annuity is “off the table.”
Better yet, get another advisor!

Try your search here for a fee-only Fiduciary financial advisor who is not trying to sell you something, make commissions, etc!



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