Ask Terry Questions Are SOFA and NSFE legitmate, reputable organizations?

Are SOFA and NSFE legitmate, reputable organizations?

By Terry Savage on January 06, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I received in the mail a flyer offering a free 6 hour course at a local college. The course is titled “The Changing World of Retirement Planning.” The flyer state “Many of the retirement strategies utilized by your parents have grown outdated…” They claim to cover topics like tax rate risk, retirement distribution planning, estate planning, maximizing social security, mitigating market loss, long-term care planning, and some others. The course is sponsored by SOFA (The Society For Financial Awareness) and you register through I haven’t heard of either and last I checked, nothing in life is free. Have you heard of these organizations and are they legitimate? Thanks!

Terry Says

I’ve never heard of them either, so I can’t judge. But there is no free lunch, or dinner, that’s for sure!
I always suggest that people connect with a FEE-ONLY, carefully vetted FIDUCIARY financial advisor, which you can do through Wealthramp. Read this:

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