Ask Terry Questions Bank fraud as talked about on Wendy’s show today.

Bank fraud as talked about on Wendy’s show today.

By Terry Savage on January 30, 2024 | Wild Card

Good afternoon Terry,
Our friend had his information stolen from a locker at the local gym. They did not take his phone, but stole his Sim card. They then put it in their own phone, so when they were making fraudulent purchases calls were actually going to the new phone because of the Sim card situation and they authorized all the charges so that is the new way that they are doing this new fraud scheme.
Hope this helps someone else.

Terry Says

That is exactly what is going on. He should report it to the bank. He should have done that immediately, or as soon as he realized his phone wasn’t working. The bank will say it “wasn’t their fault” because he ‘lost’ his phone.
But I think this legal issue is about to heat up!!
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