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beginner or small investment website

By Terry Savage on January 07, 2018 | Investments

You discussed a website on the WGN morning show a couple weeks ago where you can invest small dollar amounts for little or no cost. I'm retired and I have a brokerage account but I wanted to invest a small amount that I would have complete control of. I enjoy your segments on the morning show. My wife and I DVR and watch the show every day.

Terry Says

Thanks for the compliment. I will pass it on to the WGN Morning Show producers!  The website I mentioned is, and it lets you start investing with a minimum of $5, and buy fractional shares, at a cost of 99 cents per trade.  You can invest in most stocks and ETFs.  You don't get to set price limits, and it is not designed for frequent trading, but it's a great place to start building a portfolio for yourself, or for a child or grandchild.

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