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Better option than cd’s

By Terry Savage on August 11, 2018 | Chicken Money

Hi Terry, A few months back you were on WGN in the morning and gave a response
relative to cd’s. Your suggestion was rather than buy low interest cd’s put your money into a government fund that paid better interest. I quickly made a note on your suggestion. Note: I am old and have a thousand pieces of paper around here….. and
have torn this house apart looking for that note. Anyway it is time for me to move money and I can’t locate that note. Can you let me know what that suggestion was. Thank You.

Terry Says

I was noting that IOUs direct from the U. S. Government — Treasury bills — pay a lot more than most banks are offering, with the same degree of safety. (After all, the FDIC stands behind insured deposits, and the government stands behind the FDIC!)

Here’s a link to the article on How to Buy Treasury Bills.



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