Ask Terry Questions Bill paying helper for confused senior citizen.

Bill paying helper for confused senior citizen.

By Terry Savage on July 05, 2024 | Wild Card

Do you know how to find someone to provide bill paying and financial organization help for a confused and overwhelmed senior citizen living alone with no family support? This person has become unable to understand what to do with daily mail, household bills, medical bills and information. Thank you!

Terry Says

You’re a good person to try to help.  But this can become an overwhelming situation if it is your neighbor or a friend.  This is the time to contact the Department on Aging in your state (in Illinois it is  Illinois Department on Aging     And if it is in another state, you might try searching here:  Resources Near You |

Or you might try contacting your local church or community organization.  Without a power of attorney, there is not much anyone can do.  It is likely time for a move to a senior community, where many of these tasks can be designated.  And if the senior has resources, another good place to start is with an attorney who is an expert in elder law — someone who can help do the legal work to make this transition possible.  Search at the American Academy of Estate Planning attorneys:  Find A Lawyer – Lawyer Near Me | Search Attorneys (

Or search online using the term “elder law.”   This is never easy for families — and it is doubly difficult to deal with these issues if you’re just a friend.



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