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Bonds or non-US stocks for 457 plan safety

By Terry Savage on November 10, 2019 | Investments

So im not retiring anytime soon. BUT i want to protect my 457 against the inevitable recession. Also my 457 doesnt offer many options. IF and when it hits, what would be a better play. Move out of US stocks or move into Bonds and overseas stocks?

Terry Says

I’m afraid that when the next bear market hits, there will be few places to hide! Your plan should offer some sort of “safe haven” option — something like a “stable value” fund, offering a fixed low yield. If it doesn’t, then contact your employer and the “plan sponsor” immediately. They could be sued if they don’t offer this type of alternative.
In a bear market, if the U.S. “sneezes”the world catches cold! So you can’t hide very well in foreign stocks. And bonds can lose value, too, if interest rates rise out of uncertainty.
So be sure to understand all the alternatives in your plan. Now is the time to call attention to any omissions in the range of products.



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