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Budgeting with Different Viewpoints

By Terry Savage on January 06, 2024 | Wild Card

Hi Terry my husband and I have a difference in opinion on how to formulate a budget. He says that we need to budget for credit card payments however I feel that we need to budget items charged so that there is no credit card payment. Is there a preferred method. I can understand budgeting for a credit card fee, service charge or interest paid but not for the items being purchased.

Thank you!

Terry Says

Aha — this is not a picky point of semantics – but a major difference in financial viewpoints.
As I read your question, you don’t want to have ANY credit card debt. Your spouse just wants to make sure there is enough money to pay the monthly minimum?
If I’m correct in my assessment, this difference in basic money attitudes is why so many marriages –especially second marriages — end in divorce.

But please read this recent article on how to deal with a budget, so maybe you can find a way through this issue:

And if you want to deal with the larger issues of money in your marriage, I highly recommend a book I co-authored with a famed divorce attorney and a divorce court judge. It’s called The New Love Deal, and it’s available on Amazon here.



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