Ask Terry Questions Can you help me find my retirement account?

Can you help me find my retirement account?

By Terry Savage on August 04, 2013 | Wild Card

I need assistance in locating my plan administrator for Household Financial Services Trip plan,
I have talk to US Department of Labor. They gave me Vanguard and HFCC, with no luck. Can you help me find my retirement?

SAVAGE SAYS: Well, first thing, have you tried the HR department at Household?? The company was acquired by HSBC in 2002, and still operates as a division of that company. Here’s a link to some info on Wikipedia:?

I don’t know what the “trip” plan was — but if it was a retirement plan under the ERISA (federal retirement) laws, and you had money it in, that money must be waiting somewhere!? Do you have any of your old plan documents, year-end statements, or perhaps your W-2 form had an acknowledgement of any contributions you made to the plan. Surely, you must? have some old records that would give you some info.

Now it is possible that the account was considered dormant and “escheated” — was given over to –? the state. Every state has alist you can check of dormant accounts, where the state is holding the money. That’s a possibility –and if you lived in Illinois at the time (where HFC was headquartered) the state might have it. Here’s a link to find out:?

Good luck, and pls let me know what happens!? Terry



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