Car Lease

By Terry Savage on September 09, 2019 | Wild Card

I want to buy a new luxury car, but I cannot afford the note. If I lease, the note is half of what it would cost to pirchase. I am hard on cars and want to be in a position where if anything goes wrong, the dealership will rectify the situation. I generally put 8,000 miles a year on my current car. I want a reliable car at a price that I can afford. My experience has been that once you pay the car off, problems with the car begin to surface. Problems that you pay out-of-pocket.
What do you think?
Is there a situation where it’s good to lease when you don’t have a business?

Terry Says

You just described the ONLY situation where it makes sense to lease!  Just don’t go over the allotted mileage.

And, for other readers, be warned:  THIS is why you want to think twice about buying a car “off lease.”  There’s a reason some people lease cars — because as this person noted, he/she is “hard” on cars!  If you’re buying a car off lease, you’ll never know who drove it before, and how “hard” it was driven!



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