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Cash for house

By Terry Savage on May 27, 2024 | Housing / Real Estate

Dear Terry, you have always answered my questions in the past, but not this time. Maybe it didn’t go through?
The question is ( without me mentioning any particular company)
All I want to know is this. Is it safe to use those companies that buy houses for cash in any condition? Please, your insight would be very useful to me and the general public.
Thanks Terry.

Terry Says

I must have missed your earlier question — or perhaps I set it aside because I simply didn’t know the answer.  Aside from the obvious issues of lowball pricing with these “we buy your house for cash” companies, there are dozens of other ways to become involved in a scam.  And I just learned that by doing some simple Internet research. Here’s a link to the best article I found:

Are ‘We Buy Houses’ Companies a Rip-Off? Here’s What Customers Say (

So be careful to have your own attorney read the contract, look for contingencies and ways they can get out of the deal, proof of funds, etc. And be sure you know the true value of the property by consulting several realtors for estimates.



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