Ask Terry Questions Cash in EE Savings Bonds?

Cash in EE Savings Bonds?

By Terry Savage on May 01, 2013 | Investments

I’m going to start cashing in my savings bonds. I have about 100 EE $200 denomination bonds. About 30 have reached $200 and the rest have a long time to maturity. In what order should I cash in all of these. Maturity date, value or Since they are not earning much I would rather put the money in something else.
Thanks, Don

SAVAGE SAYS: Wait, think twice about cashing in those old EE bonds. Many are paying interest on an extended maturity basis. And many have a very high “floor” rate that you couldn’t being to match today in such a safe security. Go to, and click on “individual” and then click on Savings Bonds. There you will find information, and a calulator that will let you put in the information on your bonds and find out what they are currently worth, what rate they are currently earning — and when they will reach final maturity.



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