Ask Terry Questions Certified Financial Planners — and a thank you

Certified Financial Planners — and a thank you

By Terry Savage on July 28, 2019 | Wild Card

This isn’t a question; it’s a thank you. You have often recommended that your readers consult a Certified Financial Planner for assistance with 401(k)s, estate planning, etc. I went to their website and chose a CFP in my area (suburban Chicago). My husband and I have now been working with our CFP for a year and couldn’t be happier, or more relieved. Our CFP spent a great deal of time with us talking to us about our short term and long term goals, and then he created a customized financial plan. The plan included creating a checklist of areas to review (everything from budgeting, to reviewing the price we are paying for insurance) and he also pointed out where we were paying high fees on some of our investments that had been recommended by our 401 (k) plans. We moved our 401(k) and IRA investments out of those high fee funds and into similar funds with much lower fees – essentially, we were able to pay his fee from the savings he pointed out to us in those fees! I really appreciate your great advice, and for steering your readers toward working with a CFP. I would say, a CFP isn’t just for those readers “in the “1%”; working with a CFP is for anyone who is serious about committing to improving their financial future, who isn’t a financial expert and doesn’t necessarily have the time or interest to become one, and who could use some guidance in putting together a plan. Thank you!

Terry Says

Wow.  You made my day!!  Thanks for your note, which I will post for others to see.



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