Ask Terry Questions Changing Name on Inherited Stock Certificate

Changing Name on Inherited Stock Certificate

By Terry Savage on September 22, 2019 | Wild Card

Who to contact at At&T Computershare to make owner change (death of owner) , new ownership (daughter) name to change date of birth, & marital status.

Terry Says

A lot depends on where the stock is held?  Do you have the actual certificate?  Or is it held in a brokerage firm under the name of the person who died?  If that’s the case, it will be a lot easier.  But if you hold the actual paper stock certificate, you will have to send in the certificate to have the name changed.  You will also need some paperwork.  If there was a will, then the stock was included in probate.  The probate court will give you a paper confirming that the stock can be transferred. If the stock was titled in a revocable living trust, then the certificate can more easily be changed by the successor trustee.

Yes, this is going to be complicated. Figure out the answers to all those questions and then call Computershare at 800 351 7221, and they will let you know how to proceed.



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