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Changing to a real investment management firm

By Terry Savage on March 04, 2020 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I have 2/3 of my money in an insurance annuity firm : a big name! I was all set to switch it all over to a well respected financial management firm to get more yields as per many of my friends endorsements. Now this market event has occurred in the midst of changing over. No money has crossed over yet but paperwork all done … should I go ahead with what I am doing now or he happy with my ‘safe’ 2.5% yields I have had got many yrs. all tax deferred. We are both 71 n retired and none of this money am I EVER planning on using except for the required disbursements because of being over 70.5 yrs of age. We have 2 small pensions n two social security pensions that is usually way more than enough to live on and a good size nest egg in liquid accts. Like banks… Should we switch over the tax deferred acct????? You helped me in 2008. Please help me now. Thank you once again. I respect your opinion too the Nth degree…

Terry Says

It sounds like you are well-positioned right where you are. I know many people these days who would be delighted with a 2.5% yield. Sit back and relax. And ride it out. You won’t panic because you won’t lose money in your chicken money investments. That’s worth a lot!



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