Ask Terry Questions Chapter 13/mortgage refinancing

Chapter 13/mortgage refinancing

By Terry Savage on October 23, 2014 | Housing / Real Estate

Dear Terry,
April of next year we will have completed a chapter 13… We have a 30 year ARM mortgage 2.65% that we have with Bank of America that was just sold to another company. Im concerned now because I have to catch up with my current mortgage which I fell behind with . My husband and I make about 120k between the 2 of us. Were also trying to reestablish credit. Is there an option to try to refinance ? Thank you. Susan

Terry Says:  OK, this is complicated and specific.  You don’t say whether the bank, or current servicer, is pressuring you to catch up.  I’d be surprised if they weren’t — despite the Chapter 13.  So I’m going to send you directly to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Simply dial 800-388-2227 and you will be connected to the nearest local office.  They are experts on situations like this — and have lawyers on staff.  They are non-profit, and will give you good help.  Perhaps they will be more accessible than the attorney who filed your bankruptcy case, and has now moved on.  Deal with this immediately — and do write back to let me know what happens.



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