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Chicken money investments

By Terry Savage on May 10, 2017 | Chicken Money

Have 60% in Vanguard, 20% real estate (0 debt) & 20% parked bank @ .04%. (80K ) was thinking to put in CD 3 YR.. BUT NOT sure. Do not forsee needing for at least 5 yrs.. searched bankrate for CD rates. Thank you for your opinion!

Terry Says

Let me ask you one question:  How much of that "20%" can you afford to lose??  That's a serious question!  I have no idea of your age, stage, or goals in life.  If you are a retired, I can see how you might want  to keep that portion half in a MM fund, and perhaps half in a 3 year CD (maximum is 3 years, no longer).  If you're younger and saving for a house, keep it in the MM fund -- different goal than a senior seeking income.  And if you're mid-career, you might want to see if you're contributing enough to your IRA or 40l(k).  But this is your decision.

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