Ask Terry Questions Cities Service Coupon bond unclaimed property

Cities Service Coupon bond unclaimed property

By Terry Savage on October 21, 2013 | Wild Card

Ms Terry Savage Oct 8 2013

Thanks for all the years of your columns in the Times.

About the only reason’s I continued to buy the Times is because my wife has an addiction to the SUDOKU PUZZELS.
(had to keep buying the next days incase she could not solve)
I then found the link to the sudoku buster and put it on my WEB site, so that solves the answer problem.

The other reason was the SOX writer Daryl (Wife is also a died in the wool SOX fan and Daryl along with his good column would missed. ( Daryl’s MOM plays the organ at our church)
AND of course YOU!

I now can buy the Trib and for me it is better reading and also has some news and better comics, but it costs 50c more
But no Daryl or YOU.

I took the liberty of linking your page on my Web,if this is not OK let me know at
So now I can read some of your great advice.

This past week my fellow Armed Forces retired personnel war denied the entrance to the WWII memorial. HOW SAD!
I was on the May Flight and I feel there is no reason to deny access. Also they could not visit the other memorials. Again HOW SAD. Maybe our leaders should take a tour of the battle grounds and then deny themselves the flight!

Now for the Question.
My deceased uncle Clarence has some Cities Service Zero bonds sitting in the Illinois unclaimed property, I applied for
the recovery and did get a response .First of all I don’t quite know what they are and second they wanted me to post
Some sort of a security bond?
I went through this in Arkansas and they worked with me and it all worked out swell. Not here.

Miss your column


SAVAGE SAYS:Thanks for your lovely note.  I think I’ll publish it in full, because it makes me feel so good!

And now, to answer your question.  I’m going to bet that you went through some kind of “service” that offered to “help” you reclaim the value of those bonds!  If so, avoid them, and go directly to the state treasurer’s website – here’s a link:  (or go to to get to the same place.

Then fill in the blanks.  If you are heir to his estate, they will want proof of that and a death certificate.  I have no idea what the value is, but if these bonds have matured they could be worth the “face value”  on them.  Of course, Cities Service was merged into another company long ago, so once you have the bonds in hand write back to me and I will try to help you in your search if necessary.




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