Ask Terry Questions CMS-500 Bill from Medicare

CMS-500 Bill from Medicare

By Terry Savage on March 12, 2016 |

Terry, what is this CMS-500 form that my wife just received in the mail. I did a search on it and the explanation is not clear to me. All it focuses on is how to pay it. I am retired and receiving soc. SS benefits and have my part A and B card. My wife is still working and we are paying for our health insurance privately. My wife applied for her part A and B card which she just received, but then received another letter very shortly after. (The CMS-500 notice) asking for a payment of $365.00. What is this about? Everything I’ve read shows the part B premium for 2016 to be $121.00. By this May we will both be 65. We just applied for supplemental insurance and part “D”. We will drop the private insurance in May. Can you explain what is going on?

Terry Says:  She should immediately contact Medicare.  This form is a bill for premiums due — either for Part A, Part B, or an additional part of the premium that may be required for prescription drugs.  Typically, she would have her premiums deducted from her Social Security check.  I’m sure you do that.  But if she didn’t sign up for SS, then she has to pay the premium directly to the government.   Maybe she didn’t mean to sign up for Part B, since you say she still has private insurance?  In any case, you want to get this sorted out right away.  Call 1-800-MEDICARE and get someone to walk you through your situation.  She shouldn’t each have A, B, and D — as still be paying for private health insurance!

By the way, here is a link to the portion of the website that describes the form.

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