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Collect social security

By Terry Savage on June 16, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I’m 69. I Started to collect SS at 66 and 2 months. I was married for 10 years and then got divorced in 2014. My problem is that I won’t ever know if my x husband dies. He was sick when we divorced and I think he moved out of state. He has a terminal illness. He was collecting social security disability since around 2009. He also is 69. My benefit on my own is $1340 per month. He gets the max amount. What is the best approach if I outlive him to get the higher amount. I think it’s about 70% of his SS.

Terry Says

Immediately contact  If you have his SS number they can figure out for you whether you should be receiving your benefit — or the higher of yours and his SS benefit (not disability) and (assuming you never remarried, and even if HE remarried!).   They can do the calculations for you.

It costs $49 — and they will help you through the process.  Worth it!



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