Ask Terry Questions Commercial mortgage bridge loans

Commercial mortgage bridge loans

By Terry Savage on January 03, 2017 | Chicken Money

Terry: Would you advise investing in these loans and, if not, why not. Thanks so much in advance and Happy New Year! Ellen

Terry Says

I have said it before and I will say it again, and again, and again.  These are tempting, high-yield products with much more risk than is typically disclosed.  They will work -- until they DONT!  (That will happen in an economic downturn, or perhaps in a period of rising rates.)  If they were such a good deal, why do you think that banks -- experts in this area -- didn't make the loan?  And if you were getting enough of a return to compensate for the risk, how do you think the "packagers" of these deals get paid?  Not by giving you "enough" return for the risk you are taking. Bottom line:  These are NOT substitutes for insured deposits.  These are not federally guaranteed.  There is also no guarantee of liquidity when you need your money back.  Can you sleep with that?  This is NOT for "chicken money!"



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