Ask Terry Questions Converting my 401 from stocks to treasury note

Converting my 401 from stocks to treasury note

By Terry Savage on March 11, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I have 1,230,000. 00 currently in my 401 , i have 1.1 million in cash both in Vanguard, would it make sense for me to convert my 401(k) stocks into a two year treasury note at 5%? I’m only averaging 4% less their mgt fee currently with Vanguard .
managing it I don’t need the money to pay the IRS for 2 yrs. My cash account is getting 4.5% now
Thankyou for your input

Terry Says

Do you REALLY have $1.23 million inside a 40l(k)? Or is it an IRA??
When you have money in a 40l(k) you can only choose from the investments offered inside the plan! If you’re no longer working for the company, you could do a rollover to an IRA and have a better choice of investments. Read this:

You’ve given me absolutely no information about your situation, so I cant advise on investments. But with that kind of money — over $2 million at stake — I think you need a session with a FEE-ONLY financial advisor who is NOT trying to sell you something, but can look over your entire financial situation — now and for the future — putting your interests first.
Here’s how to find one.

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