Ask Terry Questions converting my I Bonds to T bills

converting my I Bonds to T bills

By Terry Savage on December 13, 2023 | Chicken Money

Hello Terry, I have 10k in I Bonds in my name and 10K in I Bonds in my Trust.I have held them for about a year and a half and want to redeem them(I am aware I will sacrifice 3 months interest)to purchase 26 week T Bills. Do I need to redeem them and have the proceeds deposited in my bank and then go back and purchase the T Bills or can I roll them into the T Bills on the treasury direct website?If so,how do I accoplish that? Thank you,I love and trust your advice. Warm regards,

Terry Says

YOu’ll have to redeem the existing bonds, and have hte money dropped back into your bank account for the trust. When the cash is in there, you can use your same TreasuryDirect account to purchase T-bills.



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