Ask Terry Questions Cook County Taxes on late father’s house

Cook County Taxes on late father’s house

By Terry Savage on July 07, 2014 | Housing / Real Estate

Hi Terry,

I have been searching the Cook County website for this question and did not find anything.

My father recently passed away May 28th and I am living in his house per his Trust arrangement for 10 years. I am responsible for paying his taxes, house expenses etc. My question is this. What will happen with his taxes for next year? He has the Senior Exemption, Homeowners Exemption, Senior Freeze and I believe Disability on his taxes. I am 60 and Executor of his estate and will continue to live in the house. There is a mortgage of $75K that I am paying on but the house and title are in his name. So I am unsure what will happen with his taxes for next year and is there anything I need to do about it. My lawyer said to keep paying the taxes but was unsure about the exemptions for the following years.

Thank you,

Barbara Adams

Terry Says:  Of course, the temptation is to keep taking the exemptions.  But then if/when they catch up to you, it could mean big trouble.  I think a lot depends on the wording of the trust agreement, and whether title to the home will change,and if so — at what point.  I’m going to put you in touch with my Illinois real estate tax specialist Andrea Raila.  Here is her info:

Raila & Associates, P.C.
Phone: (312) 587-9494    Fax: (312) 376-3118
742 North LaSalle Street, Suite 300 Chicago, Illinois 60654



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