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corrected mortgage statement

By Terry Savage on March 15, 2024 | Taxes & Economy

I received a corrected mortgage statement yesterday. The mortgage interest is less than the original mortgage statement. There is about a $600 difference that would be an additional $144 that I would have to pay. I already filed my tax return to which I delayed the payment to 4/14/24 because I owed a fairly large amount. there was no direction as what to do, and I’m not sure what to do. The bank is PNC.

Terry Says

In your position, I would just let this tax filing ride — and see if they ever come back to you. The IRS just announced it had just found 125,000 high-income earners who did not even file tax returns going back to 2017 — and who owe roughly $100 billion in back taxes!

I don’t think this slight discrepance is going to be caught!! But keep the paperwork, and if you do get questioned, you can say that it wasn’t your fault.

I’m wondering how many other people PNC did this to! In your position, I’d call and ask them for an explanation in writing as to how this error came about. And whether they will accept responsibility for any penalties and fines their error caused. Seriously, demand to get the answer in writing. Insist on speaking to a supervisor. And let me know what they say.

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