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covid 19 unemployment

By Terry Savage on June 08, 2020 | Wild Card

Hello, At 77 I was furloughed week 03/22/2020 for 4 weeks thru 04/18/2020.I filed and believe that I forgot that my 77 yo wife is my dependent.I have unsuccessfully tried to call to no avail. When I received a IDES direct deposit payment they paid week # 2 week #3 at 744.00 and 743.00.with no explanation if spousal monies were included,worse the missed week #1 and #4. I kept trying to certify and only then did I receive a denial as after 04/19/2020 I was back to full time.
I am better off than many from what IDES is going thru but how can we fix week 1 and 4 and verify if spousal payments were included in #2 an#3. Calling to ask someone wa is useless. Any advise would be truly appreciated,I know that you are very busy person; hoping to hear from you. Stay Safe,Thanking you in advance,Sincerely,

Terry Says

Well, first thing is that I’m sorry to hear that you were laid off at this stage of your life. And I’m glad you received two weeks of benefits. Likely the amounts include your basic state benefit plus $600 in additional Federal benefits for those weeks. And you should have received similar amounts for the other two weeks.
I don’t know how to get those extra two weeks for you. But if you will wait a couple of weeks until we try to get some people taken care of who received nothing — and then write back another post and remind me, I will see if I can get an answer about those two missing weeks.
Also, there are NO spousal benefits for unemployment. So you didn’t miss out on that.
PS I’m glad you’re back at work!!!



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