Ask Terry Questions Credit rating — bad or none?

Credit rating — bad or none?

By Terry Savage on July 24, 2015 |

Can you give me an email address of a free and safe company that I can get a credit rating. I was denied credit and do not understand why. I owe no one, have a home with no mortgage, ample amount of savings. Is it because I always pay my charges on time, or pay cash for items? Thank you.

Terry Says:  It’s hard to imagine that you were denied credit based on the above information — unless you haven’t used credit in a long while and have no credit record.  So here are two things to do:  First go to and get your credit report immediately online from one of the three bureaus.  You do NOT have to sign up for credit monitoring services if you use the links at   You’ll have to answer some personal questions that only you could know to get access to get your report.

Second, go to to get your free credit SCORE. That’s created from your credit report.  Between these two sites, you should get an idea of what’s wrong.

And if the problem is that you really don’t have a credit history, go to and get a “secured card” — backed by a deposit you make into a savings account at the issuing bank.  Use it regularly, pay on time, and pretty soon you will be getting lots of offers for credit.

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