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By Terry Savage on January 26, 2018 | Wild Card

What are your feelings on Ripple, or the blockchain supporting the new internet? What is the safest way to invest?

Terry Says

There is NO safe way to "invest" in crypto-currencies right now.  They are wildly speculative!   But the technology behind them -- the blockchain ledger -- will definitely revolutionize transactions of all sorts in the future.  That technology will impact banking and lending and all sorts of financial transactions, because it will cut out the intermediaries, reduce costs, and create instantaneous contracts that do not require third-party guarantees.  It's worth doing some reading on the subject, because it will surely change our lives.  However, in the meantime it is yet to be determined which of all the crypto currencies will become most widely used and valuable. And there is a certain risk at the "exchange point" -- in transferring your dollars into a currency "wallet."  That's even beyond the price risk which has been swinging wildly.



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