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curent retirement fund

By Terry Savage on September 14, 2020 | Investments

Over the last year or so I’ve pulled almost all our money out my sep ira and it’s almost totally in cash. We have an ample amount for retirement. Plan on sitting tight til after the election and then start dollar averaging money back in. Thoughts? PS – Enjoy you on WGN and weekly columns. Thank you!

Terry Says

I hope you meant “pulled out” of the stock market, and NOT out of your SEP-IRA!
If you are just changing asset allocation inside your plan, you are trying to “time” the market. And odds are, you will be wrong! My advice is always to keep a set and appropriate percentage (which can change as you get closer to retirement) and then sleep well and let the stock market do its work over the long run!
Every time I break this rule myself, I regret it!!



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