Ask Terry Questions Cut Student Rates (Column Response)

Cut Student Rates (Column Response)

By Terry Savage on July 16, 2019 | Wild Card

This question may be way out of line, but I really liked your column on “Student loan debt needs sensible solution.” It seemed to be a solid, responsible solution that Congress could work with to solve this devastating problem of student debt, that is hurting all of us. So, my question is have you taken any steps or avenues to get this idea brought to the attention of Congress or SOMEONE who knows how to move forward to following your address.? My husband and I are raising our 14 year old grandson who will be looking to go to college and I am so worried about the fallout and debt that this will create for him. We do not have the money to pay for his education. If you have not taken steps, please, please get this information in-front of Congress! Thank you.

Terry Says

I have received so many response to my recent column on how to solve the problem of student loan debt, that I decided to post a bunch of them in my “wild card” tab!

Thanks for your note.  I am trying to get this into the Congressional Record!



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