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Daughter being evicted

By Terry Savage on January 06, 2024 | Wild Card

My daughter is 42 yrs old and she has a 17 yr old daughter. They are on public aid Medicaid.They are close to being evicted very soon.Her boyfriend paid the rent but they are not together anymore so it has not been paid for a very long time.My daughter says she owes ten thousand dollars in rent. She lives in Chicago.She has no job and no car.
We have been already helping her out with buying food for them and utilities but we can’t afford to keep doing this. My husband wants to retire soon. He is 68 yrs old and he has a physical demanding job. He wants to retire sometime this year and he says he will never be able to retire if they move in with us.
She has no car and no job and we can’t afford to buy her a car. We can’t afford the extra expense we’ll go through supporting them. Where can they go? We need some advice. They also have 2 cats they don’t want to get rid of. Plus I am on expensive medicine and I recently had a heart attack. Any advice would be helpful cause having them live with us is to much. We really can’t afford it. Thanks for your advice on this.

Terry Says

I feel like a cross between Dear Abby and the Moneylady. Gosh this is a tough situation.
So I will give you two steps you MUST take.
First, she needs to get on her own two feet. She is a 42 year old woman. It’s about time! If you two die, or become totally impoverished, she will be on her own anyway. It might as well happen now.

Have her call 800-388-2227. This will connect her to the nearest local agency of the non-profit National Foundation for Credit Counseling. They can direct her on how to proceed, and help her find government resources that could provide shelter and food — and a job!!! The 17 year old daughter should go with her to this meeting, because she is about to be on her own as an 18 year old — and can qualify for her own benefits, and can find her own job.

But the SECOND and most important thing you can do is JUST STOP GIVING HER ANY MONEY!!
This will take a lot of strength on your part, but you must do it.
She CANNOT move into your house. You — and your husband — come first. You may have to contact the police and even get a restraining order if she threatens to camp on your doorstep. and you may have to change your phone number.

You wrote to me because you ALREADY KNEW what I was going to say. So there, I said it.
Now, it’s up to YOU to make this clear to her — right now at the start of this new year. And stick to your guns.



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