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Death Insurance

By Terry Savage on April 16, 2024 | Wild Card

My son died two months ago. He and my husband have the same first name but different middle initials. My son had two small insurance policies taken out when he was a baby. Those two insurance policies paid out what was owing us.
Another insurance policy by another company was taken out on my husband when he was a child. That insurance company has sent us forms to fill out so that my husbands estate can collect the benefit. My husband is not dead.
The name on the form that they have sent us is my husband’s name with the correct middle initial and policy number. We believe the company wanting these forms filled out our confusing my son with my husband.
My son never had a policy with this particular company. We have not filled out any forms and have tried to talk to someone at the company but are unable to talk to someone that understands what we are saying. My husband is not dead!

They just want us to fill out forms for him to collect on his policy. We don’t want our SS messed up because of this error. Do you have any idea what we might do to get this settled. Thank you for a response in advance.

Terry Says

Wow, that IS a mess! I wonder how they decided that your husband is deceased. Seriously, please check HIS social security records to make sure there is no mix-up there. I can’t think of any other way they could have surmised he had passed.

You’ll get an email saying that your question is answered. Please reply to that email with your contact info, the name of the insurer and the policy number. Maybe we can get on the phone together with the insurance company and see if we can get this sorted out.



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