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At my death. . .

By Terry Savage on June 07, 2016 | Wild Card

I am 64, have no real property nor investments & collect $662/monthe SSI.
I have never married with no children.
Since I have donated my remains to the Anatomical Assn. of Illinois, when I am gone, money will be needed to transport my remains to the facilities without embalming.
My question is what is the best way to set aside the money to cover the post-mortem costs that can be accessed when I am gone ?
I don’t have a will yet.

Terry Says:  Well, you should probably have a simple will, explaining at the very least your agreement with the Anatomical Association and attaching the documents.  I’m quite sure they will pay for the pickup of your remains, but why don’t you contact them and ask?  And then if they do not pay, you can specify that any money remaining in your account be used to pay for that service.  I’m assuming that there will be some small balance and that your SS check is automatically deposited to your account.  You can contact legal aid t make a simple will.  And you should also have a “living will” — specifying your wishes about procedures to prolong your life if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.  Give a copy of that document to your primary physician.

And may I add, that yours is a particularly sad posting on my blog. It seems you are alone with no one to care for you if you are incapacitated.  That’s a lonely way to live.  You are only 64 years old and unless you expect not to live for at least a few more years, you have a lot to offer.  Find others to share your interests and you may find a reason to live longer!   I know that’s some unsolicited advice, but I couldn’t resist.



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