Ask Terry Questions Deed to property after lien is released.

Deed to property after lien is released.

By Terry Savage on December 27, 2023 | Housing / Real Estate

Our mortgage was paid off in July 2023. We have received confirmation that the mortgage has been paid in full and the lien on our house has been released. Is the mortgage company also responsible for sending us the deed automatically?

Terry Says

Did you ask them? Depends on the state, municipality.
When the loan on a house is fully repaid, the lien needs to be removed from the property title. The same office of land records or county clerk must be notified to discharge the mortgage note or deed of trust to remove the lien. Each municipality has specific requirements on how to get these documents released.

A deed of reconveyance, also known as a satisfaction of mortgage, is a document that proves you’ve paid off your mortgage. The deed of reconveyance releases the lien the mortgage lender placed on your property. You’ll need this document to prove a clear title when you sell your home.

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