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Delinquent taxes

By Terry Savage on November 20, 2023 | Taxes & Economy

I have a friend who is delinquent on her taxes.(By several years) Can you recommend a tax service who can review her information? She is leery of the ones advertising on tv and radio. Thanks

Terry Says

I assume you are talking about Federal income taxes? Did she earn enough to have an obligation to file — yet didn’t do so?
I think she needs a very sophisticated and qualified tax person to help her. So I would search for an “enrolled agent” and at least have one meeting. They are NOT obligated to report her noncompliance!
Use this link:

But that may not be necessary depending on the amount of taxes owed. Perhaps just a CPA can do the job — IF she has kept records of her income during the years she did not file.

She should start by reading this from HR Block:

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