Ask Terry Questions determining status of 2019 1040

determining status of 2019 1040

By Terry Savage on June 12, 2020 | Wild Card

Hi Terry,
Thank you for your always helpful columns.
I am trying to confirm that the IRS has received and processed my 2019 tax return. In prior years, my husband e-filed a joint return for us out of his checking account. He passed away in 2019, so I had to file 2019 still as married filing jointly but I was unable to e-file . Due to repeated unspecified errors; I suspect it was because he passed away which of course I noted on the return.

I sent the 2019 return certified mail on 3/3/20 and have the receipt confirmation dated 3/7/20.
I had a tax overpayment which I chose to apply to 2020 taxes so I have no refund due.
On the IRS web site, my only options are to check for the status of either my refund or my stimulus check. I’ve tried putting in both the amount of overpayment, and zero (as actually that is my refund due), or 1 as it says if the refund is less than a dollar to enter 1, but get errors on all three options.
I tried but was not able to set up an online account with IRS (neither of us had one on the IRS site prior to this) because they were unable to confirm my cell phone number. I downloaded the IRS2GO app for my phone but the only option there is the same “check refund status”. And now due to the covid epidemic they are no longer processing mail requests.
And on the stimulus check status (which I also have not received), it says “you are eligible for payment. Once we have your payment date we will update this page.” Fortunately I do not need the money; but I was hoping that would be some sort of clue as to whether or not they processed my 2019 return.

I know they extended the deadline for filing 2019 taxes but it’s rather unnerving to me to not be able to verify that they’ve received and processed my return. Is there any way I can find this out?

Thanks for any information you can provide, and of course I can supply more details (as if I haven’t bombarded you with enough) if needed.

Best regards and stay well,

Terry Says

Don’t worry! Many people are waiting for refunds, and no one can check the status of their return because anyone still working at the IRS these past few months has been involved in sending out stimulus checks!
Your paper return arrived just as the IRS sent everyone home — early in March! Now that workers have been called back, they will process all those returns.
That website is a mess! Stay away from it or you will mess things up for sure.
You’re not waiting for a refund — you’re only looking for peace of mind that they have your return. Well, please take my word for it. They DO have your return — and you are the least of their problems!
Go on with your life. If the IRS needs you, they will find you!! This will get sorted out by next April when you file your 2020 return and claim a credit for overpayment!



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