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Disability & medicare

By Terry Savage on November 24, 2019 | Wild Card

I’m disabled & have been on disability since 2005 (have MS). I was always covered thru my husbande’s ins. through his job. In 2007, I rec.,w/o asking for it, a medicare part A card. I didn’t need it, so I just put it in my wallet & didn’t think about it again until…My husband, Greg lost his job approx. 20mths ago. He & I went on Cobra and pd a fortune for it. Things are going from bad to wors. Medicare says Cobra isn’t “credible” ins., but won’t give me a reason. Soc. Sec. is threating to fine me. I can’t get on Medicare until GEP. They won’t say why. By the way, my husb. had a stroke 1-4-19 & is now totally disable & on disability. He can’t get on Medicare until he’s been on disability for 2 yrs. Why that long? They won’t say why about that either. Were now on marketplace ins & paying a fortune for that too (sorry for the typos but I’m a lousy typist).I don’t know where to go and try to get help. PLEASE offer help. Thank you

Terry Says

OK, there is only one person who can sort this out for you. Diane Omdahl runs and is an expert on all things Medicare. Contact her at (262) 223-3433. Her fees are reasonable, and feel free to use my name and tell her I want to know the answer to this very complicated question when she sorts it out for you!



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