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Disability payments payback over years

By Terry Savage on August 05, 2020 | Economy & Taxes

Briefly. I was on government disability 27 years ago for just over a year due to an almost fatal bout with Systemic Lupus. After I returned to good health I went back to work after a year. Then the government decided they “overpaid” me and we have been paying it back ever since. I knew this was wrong all along but could do nothing about it so we simply decided to pay them $25 per month. The original benefits were (are) justifiably earned and needed. I would like to stop this process and in fact get back what is rightfully and fairly mine. Please help.

Terry Says

Wow, 27 years ago?!! And you’ve been paying all that time?! Do you have any kind of “statement” or reconciliation with the amount you have paid and what they said you owed??
The IRS has an “ombudsman” or taxpayer advocate office. Gather your material together and contact them right away. This falls under the heading”enough is enough!”



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