Ask Terry Questions Disabled, with money to invest

Disabled, with money to invest

By Terry Savage on March 05, 2019 | Investments

Hello Terry Savage, I am a big fan of yours and I highly respect you, which brings me to my question . Firstly a little about me I am a disabled person living on ss disability. I inherited a small settlement , and I am interested in investing a portion of my monies. I am looking into a mutual fund, and a brokerage account with Tiaa Cref. I am interested in your take on these annuities or could you recommend something for me. Thanks in advance

Terry Says

OK, let me ask you a question first:  How much of that money are you willing to lose?

And another:  How long is your time horizon?  Are you willing to wait it out for at least 20 years?

If the answers are “nothing” and “no” — then please put this money in a money market deposit account in a bank, or in Treasury Bills — where you can’t lose a penny!

But if the answers are ok and yes — then please let me know and I will post more specific advice.  Pls include your age, and whether you have any debt, and your time horizon.

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