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Do a Roth conversion now

By Terry Savage on December 22, 2018 | Investments

You might mention in one of your articles that even if you are retired right now, it is a good time to do a IRA conversion to a Roth IRA. Tax brackets have broaden and gotten less. And the market is having a fit making it cheaper from a tax angle to convert. You pay less tax per share converted. After Trump’s tax change it made it worth my while to do to partial conversions each year to fill out my marginal tax bracket until I hit RMD age. And I do not think the current tax law is sustainable due to the growing deficit.

Terry Says

I think you have it EXACTLY right!  And it will make a great column.  I’m posting your note in hopes that others will see it before year-end to take advantage of it for 2018.  And I wish I had thought of including it in my year-end tax tips!

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