Ask Terry Questions Dollar doing to Digital Currency Nov.1st

Dollar doing to Digital Currency Nov.1st

By Terry Savage on October 23, 2023 | Chicken Money

Hi Terry,
This is probably a fake email that came to me this morning, But I’ve been wondering when something of this nature was going to happen? It’s saying President Biden is signing Nov.1st 2023 of the Dollar going away to Digital Currency & saying if we have any $$laying around, will turn into trash & Loose it All.
I know U have a Very Sharp Mind on all this Terry, Please let Me Know your Thoughts.
Thank U very much Terry.
Have a Great Saturday.

Terry Says

That is a bunch of baloney, probably trying to sell you gold or crypto currency. The dollar is a much sought after currency in this troubled world, despite our political mess and growing deficits. It will probably stay strong in your lifetime. If you have extra savings, buy US government Treasury bills.
Read this to learn how to do that!

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