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Earn 5% on my no interest-bearing savings account

By Terry Savage on February 17, 2023 | Chicken Money

I listened to you yesterday on WGN and I was driving and couldn’t take notes. Would you please tell me, in detail, what you were referring to that offers a 5% interest rate? Is there ANY risk involved? I’m 76 and can’t afford to loose this money. What time frame do I have to leave it in for and can I withdraw part of it in case of an emergency? I’m fairly certain I could sign up for this on your website with my checking account information. I can’t afford any risk whatsoever but I’m not even making 1% in my savings account. Thank you, sincerely,

Terry Says

This is the safest investment — U.S.government T-bills. The only drawback is that you invest for 6 months. So maybe leave alittle money on the sidelines earning nothing (the banks are taking advantage of us!) and then do this:



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