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Economic Downturn — Buy Gold?

By Terry Savage on October 19, 2020 | Investments

Stupid idea or not ? Hi Terry, i am 63 , and at my wits end regarding the upcoming possibility of a stock market crash, i plan to take a $10,000 distribution to specifically purchase GOLD. I would like to be prepared for whatever there is to come. If the market crashes, i wont have the funds anyway. Thanks.

Terry Says

I understand your fears, and have no objections to people owning a small amount of gold. But what worries me is your use of the word “distribution.” Are you planning to take the money OUT of a retirement plan? Don’t do that! It would be subject to taxes.

Instead, buy the ETF called GLD — it represents the price of gold bullion on an instant basis. If there is a brokerage option inside your retirement plan (if it’s a 40l(k))then you should use that tactic. If you have an IRA, then just buy that stock. It moves exactly with the price of gold — a small “insurance policy.”



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