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Elder Care

By Terry Savage on March 05, 2024 | Wild Card

Hello Terry,
I moved back from Portland OR to care for my 92 year old mother back in June 2020.

Do you know of any program that pay caregivers to their parents either in the state of Illinois or by US government?

Any help is welcomed.

Terry Says

Right now, Medicare doesn’t provide any help for family caregivers, but that may change in 2024. Read this:

But there may be other programs that provide help, depending on your mother’s income, which I expect is just Social Security. Contact your state Department of Aging. There may be respite programs for family caregivers, or financial aid including food and pharmacy benefits.

Read more here:,National%20Center%20for%20Assisted%20Living%20…%20More%20items

Finally, depending on her assets (not including her home) Medicaid may provide additional care benefits. Read this:

Hope this gives you a start on your search. You’re a wonderful person to be doing this for your mom!



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