Ask Terry Questions Employment related Identity Theft Notice

Employment related Identity Theft Notice

By Terry Savage on April 17, 2018 | Taxes & Economy

I have recently received a notice from the Department of the Treasury that they believe another person used my social security number (SSN) to obtain employment. They sent this notice to make me aware of this incident so that I can take appropriate steps to protect myself from any potential effects of identity theft. They'll NOT provide me with specific details regarding the identity of the individual who used your SSN for employment purposes. I have several credit monitoring systems in place already and on your previous advice have placed a Credit Freeze on my account with all (3) credit bureaus. It's a shame I'm not entitled to any more information on MY SSN being used for employment. So much for my rights. Is there anymore advice you can give me regarding this matter. Thank You,

Terry Says

I have no more advice than a credit freeze.  And if someone used your SS number for employment purposes, it should have been that company that noticed the stolen number -- not the IRS  (unless the company where the application was made notified the IRS).  I would imagine that you could file a Freedom of Information Act with the IRS to get this specific information.  And I would suggest you contact the IRS ombudsman at IRS Taxpayer Services to try to pursue this. In addition to the freeze, keep a close watch on all your bank and credit card accounts.  And make sure the IRS is accepting only YOUR tax return.   The freeze should protect you, but be aware.



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